About Dompu

The Dompu regency, was a regency in the West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. His capital was Dompu. This regency was in the Sumbawa Island middle. His territory measuring 2,321.55 km² and the number of his inhabitants around 200,000 souls. The Dompu regency bordering with the Sumbawa Regency and the Saleh Gulf in the west, the Bima Regency in the north and east, as well as the Hindia Ocean in the south.

Dompu was known as the producer of wild horse milk and honey. Moreover Dompu was also known as the area that was rich in the genetic diversity of the producer’s animal of meat for example the swamp Water Buffalo or the mud water buffalo (sahe in the Dompu language) that uptil now still not has been known by the level of his genetic diversity with the water buffalo in the other area to increase the source of information would the wealth of sperm plasma in Dompu immediately will be carried out by the research that will give real results of the question by the expert in the water buffalo uptil now. The community’s Dompu culture really close to the Bima Regency, Meskipun was met by few differences from the accent and his language.

The Dompu regency was one of the regencies in the West Nusa Tenggara province that was located dibagian middle the Sumbawa Island. Geographically the Dompu Regency was located in 08 levels 10,00 samapai 08 derajat,40 00 up to 118 of derajat,30 Bujur east.

The Dompu regency that beribukota in Dompu consisted of 8 subdistricts namely the Dompu Subdistrict, Woja, Hu’u, Kempo, Kilo, Pekat, pajo and the Subdistrict manggelewa with the number of villages/the district 57, 9 districts, 44 villages difinitif, 4 villages.

Further the limit of the administrative territory as follows:
* One North: Flores sea and the regency of Bima
* One East: the Regency of Bima
* Next south: the Ocean of Indonesia
* One West: the Sumbawa Regency
Source From: www.dompu.org

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